Expedition in the Iranian desert : the caravanserail

We visited the garden of Bagh-e Fin and its thermal baths, about 10 kilometers from the centre of Kashan. It is a renowned garden in Iran where many onlookers come to enjoy the freshness of the place.

garden of Bagh e-fin
Iranian women in the garden of Bagh e-fin

Departure for the desert of Maranjab and caravanserai is scheduled at 17h30.

After one hour, the landscape begins to become deserted.

Our driver makes a first stop at an acquaintance who produces watermelons in the sand. To do this, he digs holes 5 meters deep, a bit like swimming pools and at the bottom, he grows his watermelons there.

Watermelon cultivator
Growing watermelons in holes in the middle of the desert

Each of us tastes this succulent fruit that quenches our thirst.

watermelon tasting

We stop several times for photo shoots. Places with magnificent views or sand dunes.

View of the desert
Iranian dunes

The two young Germans, Marcel and Fabien, with whom we share this expedition are very pleasant travelling companions.

Travel companionships

At nightfall, we arrive at the caravanserail, fortress of sand lost in the desert. We also meet young people from Belgium and France. At 10:00 p. m., the person in charge of the premises announces that the lights have gone out. Everyone needs to find their own quarters.

View on the caravanserail

We were supposed to sleep inside the vaults of the building. Which was a very bad idea.

bedding caravanserail

The heat accumulated during the day held back by the brick came out of the walls, making it unbearable to lie down. We had to move away from these walls to finally get some sleep.

In the early morning, we were able to enjoy the new colours of sunrise.

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