About our trip to Iran

The Caravanserais (in Persian: كاروانسرا kārvānsarā) are fortifications that were built all along the Silk Road. They were both places of trade and rest for the caravan.

The Caravanserais are ubiquitous in Iran, and it is naturally that we have retained this name for our website on Iran.

This is the first time we have been in Iran. Our trip was held from July 23, 2016 to August 6, 2016.

The idea of Iran did not come to us spontaneously. It was rather the wish to visit a country that was not too touristy. Why not Iran? With its sulfurous reputation, fundamentalism, the Fools of Allah, the veil, there was no incentive for us to go there. The result of our research in the preparation of this trip gave us a different representation :

  • Iran is the Persian civilization, a region laden with history,
  • Iran is a quiet and secure region, if we disregard American propaganda,
  • According to all our readings on the web, Iranians are pleasant people, welcoming and open to foreigners,
  • From a budget point of view, Iran is an affordable country for both airfare and life in the country.

In addition, we went to a presentation of a tour-operator, at the tourism Fair of Rennes which only made us to comfort ourselves in our Iranian project.

We preferred to land in Isfahan, a provincial city, thus avoiding the megalopolis of Tehran by 15 million inhabitants.

Agha Bozorg Mosque in Kashan

For the construction of the website, we took notes every day on a notebook that we postponed in the articles. We illustrated them with pictures taken during our journey.

We have also published “practical” pages with addresses of hotels and restaurants, some advice if you are brought, you also go to Iran.

In conclusion, Iran is a country that deserves to be discovered. Today, still not very touristy but with a huge potential, this is the time to go. The country is in its entirety secure and the Iranians will know how to book you the best of receptions.

Good trip

Christine and Pascal